Friday, May 2, 2008


To answer a previous blog post ("What's In My Mind"): 72.

"I read a couple books this weekend (I read really fast – naturally). Adam and I place HIGH VALUE on reading. We go through fits and spurts where we will read every night, and other times where it seems like we just can’t pick up a book because it’s too late, we’re too busy, whatever. This week – we’re trying to be in bed by 9 so we can read for at least an hour. Honestly, we EACH probably have 30 to 40 books stacked up next to the bed. If I remember, I’ll count them, and give the real number."

72 - That's how many books are on MY SIDE of the bed.

That number does NOT include Adam's side.

72... that number is slightly shocking to me ... OK, MORE than shocking.... especially after going back to my original blog post about reading a lot of books - and I thought I had 30 or 40.


Peace & Blessings!

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