Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's in my mind:

Warning…. I’m up on my gripe box……

I know I haven’t posted for a week.

I’ve been working waaaaaaaaaaay too much – can anyone say OVERTIME!?!?!

I did make 9 cards over the weekend – but I haven’t photographed them.

Ok, I’m stepping off the gripe box and onto the excitement & appreciation box…..

In 2 weeks I’m doing my certification: http://www.studiohomedimensions.com/

Or, if you want to see projects (click on the thumbnails): http://www.studiobysculpey.com/projects/projects01.php

I am so freakin’ excited over this!!!!!!!!!

Adam is a rock star with his puzzles!

It was between 50° to 60° and sunny over the weekend – YUM!

We pulled the grill out for the first time Sunday – HOT DOGS & ADAM’S BROCCOLI!

Adam made me dinner last night – (I worked 9.5 hours yesterday)

We are now surfing the net from our Nintendo Wii – yes, I’m EXCITED about that! And a wireless keyboard works well with it! Anyone else addicted to YouTube?

I read a couple books this weekend (I read really fast – naturally). Adam and I place HIGH VALUE on reading. We go through fits and spurts where we will read every night, and other times where it seems like we just can’t pick up a book because it’s too late, we’re too busy, whatever. This week – we’re trying to be in bed by 9 so we can read for at least an hour. Honestly, we EACH probably have 30 to 40 books stacked up next to the bed. If I remember, I’ll count them, and give the real number.

Fed Ex and UPS are bidding for our business at work. We are currently using Fed Ex, so when Fed Ex found out UPS has been working VERY HARD to get our business, a lavender spa set showed up for me.

It’s April!

It’s April – so I’m wearing capri’s, sandals, and tee shirts. I don’t care if it’s still 35° in the morning, it’s warming up to 50° to 60° by noon. I’m thrilled!

There are robins all over my yard.

My parents are coming to visit in May. HOLEY MOLEY, I’m so excited!

The main reason – they are sooooooooo going to LOVE the Wii. Adam and I made Mii’s for my Mom and Dad 2 nights ago. Mom’s is scary lookalike. Dad’s… well… he has a GREAT head of hair – I’m talking he should have been a hair model hair – problem is, Nintendo didn’t provide a men’s hairstyle like Dad’s… so it’s close, but not exact. – Mom’s, scary accurate – more than mine! Fun stuff!

Friends are coming over Saturday night to play Wii.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Peace & Blessings!

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Melanie said...

Hi Alison, I'll just leave one commention but I enjoyed reading of your recent posts as I scrolled down! This own sounds so excited and happy! (

I enjoyed My Magorium too was surprised it got such bad reviews)
have a great/funny day!

Thanks for visiting/linking my blog