Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nintendo Wii Fit

(Please see the end of this post for an edit.....)

Yesterday I picked up our Wii Fit.

The Bad:

Ok, so I get the fact that it’s a fitness gadget – but it weighs you – daily. At least you can password protect your Mii, so that your numbers aren’t flashing on the screen for the world to see. I mean, seriously, just by looking at someone, you KNOW what they look like, but there’s something sacred about that number on the scale. At least for women.

Cardio – not so much. Well, sort of. Take the running in place – you run for 2 minutes, then it stops, and gives you your score, where you place in comparison to previous times, etc… so you run for 2 minutes, then stop for about a minute, then you choose what you want to do next. I wish it had a cardio activity for 20 or 30 minutes – with no stopping – now THAT would be CARDIO!

Some of the games, (that come with the balance board unit) are lame.

The Good:

Some of the games, (that come with the balance board unit) are really FUN! There’s a balance game where the screen has a board, and a ball. You move the ball by tilting the board – with the goal of getting the ball into the hole. You tilt the board by shifting your weight as you are standing on the balance board. I was blown away by how sensitive the board is – and just how challenging this game is! When Adam watched me, he was also amazed. So, I can tell, we’ll be doing that one a lot!

Because it weighs you, and reminds you of your BMI... well.. for me anyway; I'm now seriously aware - and driven to change my numbers! I can see how this would be a useful tool in losing weight/gaining weight.

You get to pick your personal trainer – male or female.

You can password protect your data.

My abs and quads are sore today. This is surprising to me – so, I really did work muscles yesterday!

I was totally into it for almost an hour, without getting bored. So, that’s almost an hour of light exercise. (I really wouldn’t qualify it as “vigorous”)


I'm happy we have it. It's amazingly sensitive, and fun to work with.

Peace & Blessings!

PS – when I picked up the unit, I asked an employee at Game Stop what other games will be coming out that use the Balance Board – and he told me some skiing, skateboarding…. And…. Drum roll…. Wii Cheer! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I don’t think we’ll be investing in a cheerleading game!

EDIT: I found a review of the Wii fit - that is my experience, almost exactly! I agree with the cardio issues - there's waaaaaaaaaay too much fluff between exercises to really keep your heart rate in the target zone.

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