Monday, July 23, 2007

Painted Bottles

I would love your opinion on these!

I painted these yesterday. 1 is with olive oil, the other, with dish soap. I'm really pleased how my painting came out, but I guess I don't like that I didn't sponge on paint before hand - so you can see through. I have so much painted, that, in my opinion, they look a bit messy. And, the yellow color of the olive oil, and the bright yellow color of the dish soap, I think takes away from the project. What do you think? (If you've seen my vase, see below, that's what I mean about sponge painting on the glass first)

Olive Oil ____________________________ Dish Soap

(click on the photo for an enlarged view)

Peace & Blessings!


Darlene said...

These are gorgeous!! I can't draw or paint so I appreciate your talent!!

Sheila D. Staves said...

I think you are right - sponging first would have made the design show up much more - Regardless, they are very beautiful!