Saturday, July 14, 2007


My friend, Michele, who got me into stamping, is a Stampin Up! demonstrator. On Monday she called to say a local demonstrator is moving, and she spent time over the weekend helping her clean out her stamping room. "Keep an eye out" - because Michele took some card examples (always LOVE those - great for inspiration) and is sending me some.

I thought, maybe 20, at the most.

Yesterday I went to my PO Box, and there were 6 packages for me, from Michele. Inside: approximately 300 cards!

Last night, Adam and I, spread out a large blanket on the living room floor, and went through each and every card together. (Can I just say - how cool is THAT?! My hubby wanted to look at the cards with me! ROCK ON!)

I made 3 piles:
The "WOW, I MUST TRY THAT!" pile
The "OOOOOHHHH, I'm going to make a version of that for Christmas cards this year" pile
and the "nice, but no out-loud reaction" pile.

I then sorted them into 3 boxes. Here's one, to give you an idea (100 cards):
And to top it off, my friend Sheila is coming over today to play in my stamping room. I'm just so excited! I have so much to do! I even dreamed about card making last night. I think it's the first time I've ever dreamed about card making.

!!!!!!!!!! MICHELE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!

Peace & Blessings!

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