Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Timeline

Friday, June 20th:

10:05 AM - I went to Barnes & Noble this morning to get my bracelet for tonight (first group to go up to the registers! YEAH!) - and there was a line! I couldn't believe how many people showed up at 9. I only did because I live 2 miles away, and about 8:55 I thought, "oh yeah, Barnes and Noble." But, the sweetness, is I am in the first group to get my book at midnight - so I'll get home before 12:30 to start reading! ROCK ON!

3:56 PM: So, the Mountain Dew is doing odd things to me. I feel like I'm drinking corn syrup, and I feel like I'm not in my body. I seriously feel... odd. There's just no other way to explain this. I can't seem to drink enough water, along with the Dew because I'm finding that , really, I don't like Mountain Dew all that much; I rarely drink soda. (Dance class should be interesting tonight!)

9:30 PM - I've banned the Mountain Dew - did weird stuff to me. I'm done teaching dance class, I've showered and had dinner - and we're off to Barnes & Noble. I've got my digital camera in hopes of getting a shot of Hagrid to post for you later!

Saturday, June 21st
12:15 AM

Big countdown at the store - lots of screaming, pushing, running to the registers. Because I was in Group 1 to go to the registers (50 people per group) I was out of the store, in the car, and out of the parking lot by 12:06 AM and home by 12:12 AM.

I'm off to read - I'll post Hagrid's picture and other fun things later today.......

3:03 AM
I'm on page 176 which is the beginning of a new chapter - and I simply need sleep. Adam has been listening to the audio, but we've both decided to go to bed.
But, before I do, I felt the need to keep you informed on the Harry Potter progress.... and my only comment (because I refuse to give away ANYTHING to those who have not read it yet) is this book is, by far, has the fastest pace out of the previous.

Good night

9:45 AM

At 9:30, Merlin (our cat, NOT a character in Harry Potter) decided it would be a good idea to try and tear our bedroom door off it's hinges. Lovely.

So, with that, I'm up, Adam is still sleeping.

More details about last nights fun at Barnes & Noble:

Professor Quirrell ran screaming through the store at one point "There's a troll in the dungeon!"

Walking into the store, there was an opportunity to put on the sorting hat, and be sorted into houses. (This was then used as crowd control about 11 PM)

There were potions demonstrations.

Professor Trelawney was fun!

Hagrid was walking around performing magic tricks. (I am disappointed that the picture I shot didn't come out in focus! MAJOR BUMMER!) He was a HUGE man - stood at least 6'6" or more.

Barnes & Noble holds 1,300 at capacity. By 11 PM, they had to lock the doors, and not let anyone else in. By 11:50 there were lots and lots of people outside waiting to come in.

At midnight, I strategically placed myself about 5 feet, straight shot, to get into the check out line. This way, when the surge of people happened which would create a funnel - I'd be sucked in, verses having to try to turn a corner (that didn't go so well for a few people). Well, as you know from before, this was a brilliant move on my part, because there was the "chosen 7" people that were able to go to the registers first, and Group 1 wasn't allowed until that 7 had COMPLETELY checked out - however that started at midnight sharp, and we were out of the parking lot by 12:06 - so all in all, it went really fast.

Trying to get OUT of the store proved to be difficult. All the people outside that wanted in, were not in a line, just crowded right up - so literally a security guard had to say "let her by, if you want to get in, you need to let people get out".

Oh, I almost forgot! In the car ride over I told Adam that I "intend to get a really great parking spot". Barnes & Noble's parking lot and Home Depot's parking lot back up to each other. Believe me, there were hundreds of cars in Home Depot's lot. I pulled in, pulled down the aisle that is centered with B&N's front door, and there was someone pulling out. I got a parking spot 2nd out from the FRONT DOOR! ROCK ON!

10:30 PM

I've finished the book. I had to take breaks throughout the day - so I did not read Harry Potter cover to cover.

My 2 cents:

Peace & Blessings!

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I just STARTED reading Harry Potter a few days ago. What am I getting myself into?!