Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Manifesting My Dream Home at BJ's!

Adam loves this story, so I guess it's time I shared with you!

I walked into BJ's one day, and there were 2 men practically assaulting customers with whatever they were trying to sell. As I walked past, one said, "Miss, are you a homeowner?"
Me - "Yes"
Him - "What project are you going to complete next on your home?" (and he showed me a display with windows, flooring, gutters, etc)
Me - "None of those"
Him - "Well, surely you need to update SOMETHING in your home"
Me - "Actually, no"
Him - "Oh, come on?"
Me - "I just built my dream home, so it's PERRRRRFECT"
Him - with a very surprised look on his face "well, ok then, have a nice day!"
Me - "Thanks, I'm sure I will" with a giggle and walked away

That was the first time I've ever just spoke what I'm wanting to create, instead of what "is". Fun stuff!

Peace & Blessings!

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