Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Laughter - Attraction - Projection - OH MY!

“If laughter is the best medicine, then you’re over-medicated!”

That’s what Adam said to me last night as I was laughing about something. This statement, of course, set me off into another fit of laughter. Don’t you just love it when you laugh so hard, tears are streaming and breathing is not an option? I do! I just love to laugh; in fact I try to find any excuse imaginable to have a really good laugh every day.

You know how when you resolve to do something, the Universe tests your resolve? I’ve been consciously working with the Law of Attraction since approximately 1999; and I read The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford around 2002. (That book is one of the many books that changed my life). Anyways, in the book Debbie talks about how we project ourselves onto others; and basically we are mirrors for each other. So when someone curses you, praises you, judges you, or whatever it may be: what said person is really doing is pointing out what they either like or dislike in their own self that you are mirroring back to them. Literally, the phrase “it’s not about you” really, truly applies – all the time.

Ok (this is turning out to be longer than I originally expected), so what I’ve resolved to do lately is instead of seeing things in others that I dislike – and then attracting more of that onto myself; I’ve been consciously noticing things about others that I really love! Qualities I choose to have more of in my life. Sunny outlook on life, joy, happiness, fun: the good stuff!

And now, for the test of my resolve: Yesterday, I went to the craft store to pick up yarn, when standing in line at the checkout counter turned into an exercise in projection and attraction. I was waiting, patiently, in a happy state of being; noticing the “stuff” that usually accompanies any self respecting “I have a captive audience” checkout line, when the bomb dropped.

An older gentleman was whistling and singing as he was walking around. A joy filled person. I giggled a little, loving the fact that he was enjoying himself; when a woman in the next line lost her mind. “Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeease (insert sarcasm & anger) open another checkout line… this is unacceptable… my time is valuable and I don’t need to be waiting for you….” And on and on she went to the checkout lady. (there was 1 person in front of her)

So there I was, struck with the fact that I was enjoying the older gentleman’s fun energy; when this lady exploded into a tirade. I had a thought: “Right now, I have a choice. I can choose to continue to project my own joy and happiness onto the older gentleman – therefore attracting to myself more joy and happiness… or…. I can focus on this lady that is flipping out; being rude and disrespectful – therefore attracting to myself more rude and disrespectful people into my life.” Oh, the conundrum I was in. *giggle*

The choice I made was to erase the thoughts of “how dare she, can’t she see that the checkout ladies are working as fast as they can, how would she feel if someone flipped out on her in the same situation…..” and I changed my thoughts to “wow, she really must be stressed out today. You know, I’ve had those days, and even though it’s no excuse for that kind of behavior, I understand what she’s going through”.

Seriously, at that moment, she looked up, we locked eyes, I smiled at her and she flushed. She turned to the checkout lady and said “I’m sorry; I’m just in a hurry today”.

OK – SO IF THAT’S NOT A PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I’ve been focusing on lately – I don’t know what is! I just have to laugh – Law of Attraction and Projection at it again!

Thanks for reading…. Another insight into the world of Alison….

I’m off to knit…..

Peace & Blessings!

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