Thursday, January 11, 2007

Come on in, the water is warm….

Yesterday I took the plunge – I signed up with The Angel Company – as a demonstrator. What does this mean you ask? It means that in the near future I’m going to start having card making parties at my house, scrapbooking parties, creativity parties, themed parties, parties, parties, parties… let’s face it - craft / stamping parties are a GREAT excuse for “The Girls” to get together!

I chose The Angel Company over other rubber stamping companies because of their “Angel Policy”. Angel policies are the rules a company sets forth regarding the sale of creations made from their copyrighted images (ie. Stamps). With some companies you can sell at craft fairs, but not to retail stores; others you can’t sell what you make at all, it depends on the company – what a headache to try and sort it all out!

My tile coasters have been taking off like wildfire, so I now have a need to find stamps that had a full angel policy – meaning I need to be able to make and sell my *stuff* whenever and wherever I choose. That’s how I found The Angel Company! They have a full angel policy – PERFECT!

I am eagerly awaiting the blessed visit from my UPS man; which will most likely be Monday. When he arrives with my starter kit (more stamps for me) I will be sub terrain in my cave (ie. Stamping room) for days, playing! That said, my goal this weekend is to clean my house. I need to make space for my new arrivals! I’m also going to work on getting all my household loose ends tied, this way I will have the time, space, and focus for my new toys with nothing hanging over my head.

One of the first projects – that I’ve already started – with being a new demonstrator is to hold a Life Coaching / Stamping / Scrapbooking workshop (Title in progress) for my coaching clients as well as non-clients. I’m thinking in the morning we could do the life assessment stuff (really fun quizzes & assessments, and I have a great life’s purpose exercise…) break for a yummy lunch, and then in the afternoon we could scrapbook / stamp a Life Album! Think vision board – only better!

A good friend of mine last night asked me how all of this fits into MY life’s purpose. Great question! Thank you Jen! I am in my JOY when I am creating. I am also in my JOY when I am working with my coaching clients. So – let’s marry the two, and what do I get, DOUBLE THE JOY! YAY! Also, my calling card with my voice over work is my hand stamped promotional stuff. See it all is coming together – I love that my passions in life have coalesced! YIPPIE!

The possibilities ahead of me are simply astounding…..

Peace & Blessings

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