Saturday, January 6, 2007

Camera – Wireless Weather Station – Jacuzzi Swimming

I love the Law of Attraction!

Adam and I have wanted to invest in a digital camera for a couple of months (invest being the operative word). We decided we would buy one this month, and with my blog up and running; all the more reason to do so. We have been FOCUSING on getting a digital camera, and we’ve been looking for a deal….. and now for the Law of Attraction at work:

On Thursday, I received a catalog in the mail from an office supply store. I checked out their website because I needed some colored paperclips (you’ll see why on another post). When I entered my zip code a pop screen came up with something like: for your delivery area, digital camera $9.99. WHAT?!?!?!!

I ordered it. My feelings were, it’s only $10; so if it doesn’t work, no harm no foul. But…. If it takes decent photos, if I can upload them to my computer, then SWEET; digital camera for $10!

Ladies and gentlemen: I have a digital camera. It does take decent photos; they upload to my computer automatically; and… I only spent $10! YAHOO!

On another note: have I ever told you that my Mom rocks? Well, she does! I swear, in another life she was a meteorologist because she just knows the weather. Every time I’ve been on the phone with her, she’d ask me how the weather was here, in upstate New York, (she’s in southern Maine). I always responded with what it was like, but I could never tell her the temperature, because I was without an outdoor thermometer.

Today, I had a blessed visit from the mail man. He brought me a package from Mom. And inside; as if you couldn’t guess…. And indoor/outdoor thermometer; one of those fantastic wireless weather stations. I’m so excited!

As for the weather today: 65°

The photos above are of:

My dad’s blaze orange hat I finished last night. He’s a hunter.

Apollo is checking out my work. I’ve started the bottom of my bag that I am knitting with the knifty knitter. It’s simple, really. Just weave the bottom with a standard, heavy duty yarn – one strand only - then knit as usual with whatever yarn you choose for the bag. You can add a draw string for the top, and shoulder straps.

That’s the news fit to print for this gorgeous, balmy January 6th day! (We’ve spent half of it swimming in the Jacuzzi soaking up the sun – not often we can do that in JANUARY!)

Peace & Blessings!

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