Friday, September 7, 2007

Part 2: To enable my unquenchable stamping habit:

Sheila, rockin' awesome friend and now co-worker, hooked me up yesterday with birthday goodies, as she's not in today to play birthday fun with me (see my post below).

Sheila also has a blog, check out her post on my birthday saga here.

*pause* for you to read her blog post

did you read it

no, seriously, you need to read it, otherwise what I'm about to say won't make sense



On Wednesday when I opened splitcoaststampers weekly tutorial, I thought "what a cool card"; but I had a problem with 1 aspect of assembly. They put sticky tape on the bottom flaps of the card to hold it together, and I was concerned that the card would get stuck to that, and you wouldn't be able to pull it out.

So, Sheila comes into work, and I say "Did you see today's tutorial yet?"
"Come over here, look..."

Sheila sees the tutorial, and thankfully she was sitting down, because I saw horror, shock & frustration come over her face.

Bizarre reaction to a tutorial.

"You ok?"

She said something along the lines of "but... aahhhh... oy...MAN!"

"You ok?"

Then she sort of mumbled that she couldn't tell me because it has something to do with my birthday gift.

My thoughts: How on earth does today's SCS tutorial have ANYTHING to do with my birthday?

Then the issue was dropped, and frankly, I didn't think about it again.

Fast forward to yesterday when she gave me the card she made (seriously, her blog photos are much better than mine) and it hit me why she reacted to the tutorial the way she did.

As she said in her blog post: I searched and searched to find something different & distinctive since she has been stamping for soooo long and I wanted to do something nice (to showcase my budding card making skills).

I need to give her major kudos - instead of sticky tape, she used eyelets! What a BRILLIANT idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Also, she combined 2 techniques, criss cross card, with a spinner card - very nice indeed! AND... the inside wasn't just a single sheet of card stock that slides in, oh no, the inside card opened as well.... Well done Sheila!

So all is well in craft mania land....

Sheila, you ROCK!!!!

*I'm Gratitude Dancin' just for you!

Peace & Blessings!

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