Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Luxurious Experience.....

I love taking showers.


I REALLY love taking showers.

When we moved to New York 5+ years ago, the house we rented had a horrible shower head in the master bath. We purchased a luxurious shower head that has the hard rain function (an essential for my thick long hair) and the soft rain function, and was simply a lovely purchase. Very, very happy with our purchase.

But... the house we rented had super hard water, and so, our wonderful, luxurious, lovely shower head had to be constantly cleaned because the holes would clog all the time with mineral deposits.

We purchased our home, and during the move I made sure to take our shower head with us and re-attach the horrible shower head. So, our shower head has lived with us, happily in our new home for a while.

Our shower head has died. The switch that switches it from hard rain to soft rain sort of works. I think this is due to 5 years of Adam doing the soft rain action, and me needing the hard rain action.... I know I know, too much information... but just humor me.... there's a funny ending......

I've been looking at shower heads online, I've been looking at them in stores, I've been deciding what are the most important aspects that I NEED, what are the aspects I want, and so on. I seriously do not take this decision lightly.

One of our friends became a rep for a direct sales company. (I will not say which, for the sake of anonymity). So, as a friend I flipped through the catalog, and low and behold, THERE IS A SHOWER HEAD... with ..... drum roll.....

Water Fall Function (along with mist, pulsing massage, hard rain, soft rain)

The mother load!

Of course we ordered it! It arrived yesterday. I installed it. I took a shower.

My assessment of the mother load shower head....


If you are looking for a garden hose experience, this is the shower head for you.

Let's see what the marketing copy says about it:

  • With variable spray settings for 5 luxurious shower experiences, from a tropical waterfall to a variety of center dial shower settings - jet massage, full body spray, mist, and heavy rain - it's loaded with exhilarating shower spa sprays.
  • Unique visible settings on face of inner dial
  • Click & Set thumb-selector tab
  • Push-button diverter valve
Tropical Waterfall - it's waterfall for the first 2" of leaving the shower head, then the water comes together, and reminded me of a weak garden hose, so only about 2 inches of jet is hitting your body... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Tropical Waterfall my ***!

Jet Massage - HA! This actually got Adam and I laughing uncontrollably! This is a HARD jet of water that maybe hits 1" of your body. I felt like it was an over sized dental water pick attacking me!

Full Body Spray - well, maybe if you are a 2 year old

Mist - this was confusing at first, then just funny. Have you ever taken a hose, and put your thumb over the end to cause the water to spray EVERYWHERE? That's the mist. Water went up, right, left, down, diagonal.... not good. And I have a question: Why on earth would you want that in your shower?

Heavy Rain - This is the setting I have been using. My showers are taking about twice as long to get my hair rinsed.

The diverter tab - I had to whack it pretty hard to get it to switch over. Now that it's moved once, it's slightly easier to switch now.

I honestly never have envisioned myself being terrorized by a shower head.

All in all, it's really very funny. Adam and I have been saying things like "I'm going in.... cover me"

I'm in the market for a new shower head. When I find the new member of the family, I'll be sure to let you know... after all, it's a big deal!

Peace & Blessings!

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Anonymous said...

I was missing you this morning, so decided to read up on your life. Could just picture the 2 of you reviewing the new purchase.
Just wanted to be sure we connected before you left for your vacation get away (couldn't remember the exact day). Hope you have a great time, and bring yummy stories back.