Saturday, September 8, 2007


On this day in history:

1504 - Michelangelo's David is unveiled in Florence.
1755 - French and Indian War: Battle of Lake George.
1930 - 3M begins marketing Scotch transparent tape.
1966 - "The Man Trap", the first episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek airs.
1974 - Evel Knievel's attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho, fails after a parachute prematurely deploys on his "sky cycle."
1986 - The first Oprah Winfrey Show airs.
People that share my birthday:

1830 - Frédéric Mistral, French poet, Nobel Prize laureate
1841 - Antonín Dvořák, Czech composer
1918 - Derek Harold Richard Barton, British chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
1925 - Peter Sellers, English actor
1932 - Patsy Cline, American singer
1979 - Pink, American singer

September 8th is also International Literacy Day

Have some cake - think of me! We'll celebrate together! What am I having? Chocolate lava muffins with Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream... mmmmmmmmmm!

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