Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogging Vacation - Maybe

I'm doing the Happy Dance! My friend Karen, whom I have known since the 6th grade, but have not seen in 4 years - is coming for a long weekend visit today!!!!!!! YAY! YIPPIE! HAPPY DANCIN'

I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do. I'm either not going to be able to blog at all, or because she wants to craft with me ALL WEEKEND (ok, HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?!!) there's a possibility that instead of not blogging, I'll be blogging what we've made multiple times a day.

Stay tuned.......

Peace & Blessings!

1 comment:

Sheila D. Staves said...

miss ya! but i know you are having fun - i can't wait for your blogs to hear about all the fun stuff you guys did.