Friday, June 22, 2007

What did people do before the internet?

Adam and I discuss this topic regularly – how when we need to find out some information, we just hop on the computer and pull the info up.

Directions: Google Maps.

Dinner Ideas:, Rachael Ray 30 minutes meals, even Hannaford has recipes and you can make a grocery list from them!

Moves: Regal, and we can buy our tickets online (although we never have). And even NetFlix has upgraded to where we can watch movies instantly online with our regular membership.

Books: I can reserve books at my library online, Amazon, B&N, and the hundreds of other book sites where you can read reviews, see the inside pages, or whatever.

Post Office: I even order my postage stamps online - forget standing in line.

Anyhow – Adam and I were talking about how we order a lot online; especially if we can get free shipping. We don’t particularly enjoy shopping or errand running, so anything the UPS man can deliver, we’re all for! Even at work, we have free shipping on all orders with Staples. I love that the UPS man carries the cases of paper up the 18 or so stairs for me. (My boss’s daughter counts them, out loud, every time she walks up or down them – but the number changes frequently.)

Back to, what did people do before the internet? Adam and I concluded: we had bicycles. We read books. We watched “Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights. We caught fireflies. We played capture the flag until it was so dark out you couldn’t see your hand 3” in front of your face. We invented things. We had to read maps, that you had to buy, in order to find our way somewhere. But mostly, we had bicycles.

I have had e-mail since I was about 15; and I’ve had a computer since elementary school. My mother blessed me with the GREATEST gift – she taught me to type on a typewriter when I was in kindergarten / 1st grade. As I was learning my letters, and writing, she taught me home row, and would give me exercises to do. I didn’t get really good at typing until I was in Junior High, and more and more essays were required to be typed. But, the fact that I was familiar with the keyboard early, typing always came easy. I now fly when I type! When I have kids, I’ll be teaching them to type young like my mother did with me!

Makes me wonder: when I have kids – what is their reality going to be like?

What people did before the internet…..

Peace & Blessings!

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