Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Psychokinetic Evidence of the Law of Attraction

This is a fun story.

Back story:

For about two or three weeks, I have been feeling spiritually flat. I’ve been digging around for a spiritual injection of enthusiasm. Last night I even sent an e-mail to a confidant asking for suggestions.

What happened:

Last night, after I sent the e-mail, Adam and I were preparing for bed. Lately I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter – The Half Blood Prince, to prepare for the last book coming out. I decided I didn’t want to read Harry Potter, last night anyway, and that I would find a book that would give me that “spiritual injection of enthusiasm” – so I went to the basement.

In the basement we have three, floor to ceiling bookcases, where each shelf has 2 rows of books. We have a lot of books. Many of which were purchased with intention, or impulse, that have been read, read partially, or never opened once home. So, I had choices. I started scanning the shelves, asking for the Right book to catch my attention.

Scanning Titles…. Nothing…. Keep scanning…. Nothing

I sat down on the floor, and was looking at the bottom 2 shelves of the middle bookcase. I wasn’t even touching it. Just looking, when:


Literally, a book fell off from a Higher Shelf and hit me on the thigh. Thankfully, it was a small paperback.

I picked it up, opened it randomly and read “God is Living, Active, and Responsive”.

I just laughed and laughed and laughed! Got up, said “ok, I’m listening” and took it to bed. When I told Adam what happened, he said “HA! That’s Psychokinetic Evidence of the Law of Attraction”. Too funny!

Peace & Blessings!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: What is the title of the book? I’m not telling. The book if Right for me, now, it may not be Right for you. I suggest you go to your book shelf, ask for inspiration, and then step back. You never know what size book is going to fly off the shelf at you.

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Jennifer Carter said...

That's a neat story! God is active in our lives and faithful to bring us to where He wants us to be!