Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kitchen Experiments with a Juicer

As you know, I have a juicer.
Last night, we did some experiments in the kitchen.

Veggies - color, initial impression, overall taste (according to Adam and myself)

Carrots – bright orange, sweet, and tastes like carrots
Celery – bright green, VERY salty, and tastes like celery
Spinach with Mixed Greens – pond scum, VERY bitter, and tastes like, well, pond scum
Beets – purple-red, sweet yet earthy, tastes like sugar was added to beets
Ginger – tan, pungent ginger smell, tastes: neither Adam, nor myself were brave enough to taste straight ginger juice.

Ginger Carrot – LOVE IT!
Carrot Celery – not too bad as long as we didn’t add too much celery
Carrot Celery Spinach/Greens – that’s just nasty
Carrot Celery Spinach/Greens Beets Ginger – Ok. Not great, not vile. I wouldn’t go out of my way to make that combination again though. Adding the sweetness of the beets, and heat of the ginger made this palatable; compared to the previous combination.

Tonight, I was making up some veggie juice, and stated “We need a pig”. Adam looked at me like there was an alien standing in his kitchen.

You see, there is a huge amount of pulp waste from juicing. Thankfully I compost, so I’m not just throwing it away. The pulp compost will be added to my vegetable gardens this summer; at least my soil will be well fortified with vitamins.

My mother grew up on a farm, and kitchen scraps went to the chickens, pigs, etc. Hence my comment: We need a pig.

Adam later responded with, “So, the pig… would be like a garbage disposal?”


Peace & Blessings!

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