Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have a juicer.

When I signed up for Freecycle, I immediately posted that I wanted a juicer. I’ve wanted to try veggie juicing for a couple of years, just never wanted to drop $250 on a high quality juicer….. and after a week, never use it again.

Yesterday, a fellow freecycler e-mailed me – she had a juicer taking up space in her cabinet, and was happy to give it to me.

As of today, I have a juicer.

This has been an interesting example of the Law of Attraction:
I stated my intention: I want a juicer.
I then let the intention go.
I didn’t fuss over not having a juicer.
I didn’t complain about not having a juicer.
I didn’t say 100 affirmations a day: “I have a juicer”
I didn’t notice that I didn’t have a juicer, just that it would be nice to have one.
I just stated my intention, let it go, and in under 48 hours, I got my juicer.

Interesting….. very interesting.

Now; can I learn to apply the same principle to my “wants” list that is emotionally charged?

I’ll keep you updated.

And finally, on a completely random note:
I was thinking today “If God had a blog, what would God blog about?”
(Send me a comment; I’d love to hear your ideas…. I may even post them!)

Peace & Blessings!

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