Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Welcome To My Stamping Cave

When we were in the market for our home, I had on my “needs” list a craft room. The woman that owned our home did Creative Memories – so she had a craft room set up in the basement. I have since done some alterations to shelving, and have added pegboard; but I am so grateful that our house came fully equipped!

A few of you have been asking about my storage in my stamping room. So here we go…..

I have an L shaped counter / workspace. When I am sitting in my primary creating position, and look up, this is what I see:

Everything I can reach from a sitting position. I just love the pegboard. I can see my tools, and they are always at hand, literally! Also - note the power strip I had Adam install for me. Great for plugging in the portable DVD player, lights, heat tools, etc....

Above my tools pegboard is the shelf where I keep my sharpies, ribbon dispensers, etc. (I hung the spice rack turned embellishment dispenser to the left)

To my immediate right are my paper storage, and floor to ceiling pegboard with all of my wood mounted stamps:

The floor to ceiling pegboard is 6 rows by 5 columns. Each peg can hold about 6 or 7 stamp sets. I just love this storage system! (thanks Michele)

To my left:

My inspiration wall, and un-mounted stamps in CD cases:

Closet (I do want to rip out the current shelving and take advantage of every inch of space by installing a custom closet):

So there you have it.... Alison's Stamping Cave!

Peace & Blessings!

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