Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cleaning can wait, creativity can’t!

I have a confession. I am a creativity addict. Today I had plans to clean the house. It’s now after 3 PM and have I cleaned? No. Isn’t that the first sign that you have a problem when your craving gets in the way with life stuff; or something like that?

I read stamping blogs on a regular basis, as they are fantastic sources of inspiration, and new techniques. Lately I’ve seen CD case calendars, and have wanted to make one for myself. Today, on a fellow stamper’s blog, she posted an excel file with the actual calendar. Inspiration struck, and I’ve been in my stamping room, creating…. Not cleaning. Vacuuming can wait; creativity can’t.

So….. what do you think of my calendar?

On a completely different topic:

Last night I was reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (yes, like the movie) and the last line in the book got me laughing: “May the joy be with you.” Of course, being married to Adam I am fast learning most of the lines to all the Star Wars movies. Couple that with being really tired, a bit slap happy, and we went overboard with: “May the Joy be with you….. The Joy is strong in this one….” Yep, just replace “Force” with “Joy” and you can give all new meaning to Star Wars.

Peace & Blessings

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