Saturday, February 17, 2007

What it's like to live with a Nuclear Engineer

Top quirks about living with a husband who is an ex Navy Nuke, a Nuclear Engineer – and designs and builds his own Rubik’s style puzzles:

  • I’m slowly learning all the lines to every Star Wars movie.
  • I “get” Star Wars humor (and Lord of the Rings)
  • It’s usually a good idea to play Marco Polo in the house! (He’s stealthily quiet so I never know where he is)
  • Making a burger – is NEVER just making a burger. First he has to do a rough sketch, design it on a CAD program, double check his equations, print it, have me sign off approval… then commence the build process.
  • I walk around and scramble a bunch of the many Rubik’s style twisty puzzles, just to watch him HAVE to solve all of them.
  • He’s a camel. He can sit in front of the TV with his laptop for over 8 hours without moving (seriously! – even while drinking lots of soda… I’m talking no bathroom breaks, no food, nothing.)
  • He actually knows what HTTP means. (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
  • While acquiring his degree in Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics – he bought a slide ruler because it would be fun to use.
  • We have 4 computers (remember it’s just Adam, myself, and the 2 cats that live here). 2 are in working condition.
  • He always finds the simplest solution to any problem. (a friend was visiting and was saying “how am I going to remember XYZ & ABC & MNOP?” Adam responded, dryly, “Write it down.”)
  • His dry humor has rubbed off on me.
  • I’ve learned to love that when you have the right tools, any job is fun.
  • I’ve seen every episode of “How It’s Made”, “Myth-Busters”, and “Numbers”.
  • One word: Legos!

I love my husband! He ROCKS! He laughed when I presented him with this list – and hopefully he will write a list about being married to a Rubber Stamper, Intuitive Life Coach, and Voice Over Artist that I can post later.

Peace & Blessings

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