Saturday, January 26, 2008

Faux Soldering?

I felt like a mad scientist in my stamping room with this project.

I had seen "Faux Soldering" done with a melting pot. As I do NOT have a melting pot, I had to improvise.

Famous last words.

Adam, nor I, throws away an Altoids tin. Sooooooo, I was scrounging around my stamping room trying to decide what would make a good melting pot for my little project. ALTOIDS TIN! ROCK ON!

I took a clean altoids tin, and poured in UTEE and black embossing powder. Then I set it on my space heater. As my tin was warming on my space heater, I worked on cutting the paper, stamping it up, and so on.

Then came the experiment. Using a hot pad, I got the now hot altoids tin off the space heater. Using a toothpick, I swirled through what looked like un-melted UTEE and black embossing powder. But, wait, no, the bottom was melted, it just hadn't melted ALL the way yet.

That's what I get for my impatience.

So, I hit it with my heat tool (of course, this whole time, I'm implementing the use of my craft sheet, additional heat protection, etc.!)

I melted all the powder. YAY! Then, I dipped my sandwich of microscope slides, paper, and wire into the stew of melted powders.

Not too bad. Although, this is where having an ACTUAL melting pot would have come in handy - I needed to warm up some of the drips, and the edges of a melting pot would have done nicely. Instead, I had to use the heat tool and tweezers so I didn't burn my fingers off!

I repeated on all 4 sides, and I think it really has an interesting look. Definitely something new and different - for me anyway!

Peace & Blessings

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