Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chicken A La Ka-Boom!

I had a serious craving for roasted chicken tonight.

After work, I ran to the grocery store, and purchased my chicken.

I came home, did the usual prep, popped it into my Pyrex Glass Rectangular Baking Dish, and popped it into the oven.

I set the timer, and walked away.

Aaaahhhhh, roasted chicken.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Or, so I thought....

About 45 minutes into baking, I heard a screaming loud KA-BOOM with what sounded like shattering glass.

What in the world?

I went to the kitchen, opened the oven, and my baking pan had literally SHATTERED inside the oven. There was shattered glass, and chicken juice EVERYWHERE! My chicken was also sitting on the bare oven rack.

My yummy smelling chicken - had shards of glass in it's butt.


It took me over an hour to clean up.

Please believe me when I tell you -


Seriously, take my word for it.

Alas, no roasted chicken for me, tonight.

Canned soup anyone?

Peace & Blessings!

PS - I scooped most of the pieces into a pie plate.

See what I mean - it seriously SHATTERED!


Sandy said...

Awwwwww!!!! Major bummer!! I had that happen with a baking stone---when things explode in the oven, they are LOUD!!!

Jackie said...

That does suck - I had that exact same thing happen, and in a Pyrex baking dish. I had used BBQ sauce over the chicken and someone suggested that the sugar in the sauce is what caused it. So more glass pans in the oven for me!

Anonymous said...

This too has happened more than once to me. Not a pretty sight.

Selena said...

Aaawww you poor thing this has happened to me too. When I was in home health care as a CNA I was at a clients home day before thanksgiving and he wanted me to cook his thanksgiving dinner. It was a Pyrex and it was full of stuffing. I took it out of the oven and onto the stove! Went to grab something and it just exploded! Scared us both. Stuffing everywhere. Not a fun thing! So I know how you feel!

Missi said...

So this is rather similar to my happenings last night except mine wasn't in the oven yet! So imagine the explosion with me standing over the dish and it exploding ALL over my kitchen. All I did was set a pork chop in the pan (after spraying it with cooking spray)and before I even reached across to the next piece the pan blew up! I don't know how I managed not to have any in my face. We have a pretty good sized kitchen and the glass was literally EVERYWHERE in there. As I swept I thought ok I got it all from the floor. Only to see more on the far side of the kitchen behind the table! I had 5 VERY tiny pieces in my hand and one that apparently hit my foot and burnt my toe. I couldn't find any glass in my toe but it hurt quite a bit and was red.