Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Dancing & Rampaging in Appreciation!

Today I almost vibrated myself off the planet! I was so very HIGH on JOY!

AND… to get even better, I heard some AMAZING NEWS today – that’s a REALLY big deal – SUPER AWESOME – I’m thrilled for my family!

And, just to continue my Happy Dancing…

A Rampage of Appreciation (AKA “BOPA”ing):

I appreciate that Apollo snoogled with me tonight. Full on purring, paws massaging, nose kisses, SNOOGLES!

I appreciate that I have an amazing studio in my basement chock full of art supplies to fulfill my creative whims!

I appreciate that a friend has found a new job. She makes finding inspiration in this world EASY just by being her!

I appreciate that Adam mows the lawn. I totally and completely appreciate that he takes care of that! YAY ADAM!

I am thrilled that our pool is open (and currently hovering at 82 yummy degrees)

I am really enjoying our Wednesday Wii nights with friends!

Mario Kart RULES!

I appreciate that I have the ability to read REALLY fast, and I have loads of books stacked next to my bed that I’m devouring!

I appreciate that I live during the time of the INTERNET!

You Tube ROCKS!

My coworker showed up with Uncrustables and Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches today…. She’s such a ROCK STAR!!!!!!

I appreciate my Daily Window bag! I love that I’ve had the opportunity to decorate bags for Daily Window – I’m on their site now, check it out HERE.

I appreciate that I’m typing this on my computer that was given to us by an amazing friend!

I appreciate that my CR-V takes me places. It’s such a lovely way to travel around town. AC ROCKS!

I appreciate my CD audio subscription – that fills my CD player in my CR-V!

I appreciate that my job allows me the flexibility of going in early, and leaving early.

I appreciate e-newsletters.

I appreciate people who blog. I really love to blurf, and especially creativity blogs – I get so much inspiration from them!

I appreciate Pandora – what a delicious way to enjoy music!

I appreciate music!

I appreciate my mailman, UPS man, Fed Ex man, and any other person that delivers stuff to me!

I appreciate that I live in the USA; where I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothing on my back, and abundant opportunities!

I appreciate my blog readers. I appreciate it when my readers leave me comments.

I appreciate my freedom of choice in attitude!

I appreciate LIFE!

Peace & Blessings!

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shanmarb said...

WOW!!! Thank you for reminding me off all the things that we need to be thankful for.....Your JOY does seep through the internet...
have a great day....stay dancing