Thursday, June 5, 2008


My husband and I purchased our first home in June of 2001. We were there a week, when I was doing dishes, and looking out the window to the back yard at the pool. Before we moved in, I told him I wanted to get a pet frog.

Anyways, so I'm doing the dishes, and literally marveling at the fact that my first house has a pool (as a kid, ALL I WANTED was a pool!). We hadn't opened it yet with the move in and everything, so the winter cover was still on with about 6" of water from snow melt and rain.

I saw movement on top of the cover. So, I went down to the pool and there were THOUSANDS of tadpoles swimming on the cover of the pool! Before we opened the pool I scooped each and every one out, put into aquariums, and gave them to schools, kids, set them free, and so on.

We have since moved to New York, and in 2005 we purchased another home - this time with a pool AND a jacuzzi. Our house is close to a wildlife preserve, and we have woods, and marsh all around us. So, in the spring, it’s INVASION of the frogs. (I LOVE frogs!)

This year, we have been slacking on getting the pool open (Seriously, upstate New York – it’s NOT warm enough yet!). On Sunday Adam pointed out to me…. Can you guess…. That there are TADPOLES on top of the winter pool cover.

I, of course, immediately said “we can’t kill them”. So we are going to drain the cover into a bucket this weekend, and set them free in the marsh way out back in the woods.


Peace & Blessings!

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