Friday, December 21, 2007

I Love Our New Keurig!

This morning, Adam and I leaped out of bed, because we both were so eager to use our new toy!

I brewed hot chocolate:
And... it's sooooooooo smooth.......... Delicious!

Peace & Blessings & SQUEALS & HAPPY DANCING!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allison

All of us at Keurig are delighted that you love your Keurig brewer!


Dave Manly
VP Marketing said...

Hi Allison,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Keurig brewing. Next time you're looking for some new K-Cups, may I suggest - we've got one of the largest selections on the web, all in one customer-friendly website. Enjoy your new toy, and the holiday.

Joe Simonovich