Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Intuitive Hiccup

On my way to work, I take a right out of the driveway. Usually.

Today, I was at the end of the driveway, and I got an intuitive hit to take a left.

I took a right. I guess I needed a reminder to always, ALWAYS listen to my intuition.

I made it a ½ mile from the office, and there were fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, lights flashing, and people in the road re-directing traffic. So, instead of going straight the final ½ mile, I had to take a right. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

So I took the right, and thought “I know I’ve driven this road, but I can’t remember where it goes.” I think I drove a couple miles, and there was a road that I could take a left onto. I thought “well, this could work”. Long, long story short – I ended up taking a 15 minute detour around the backside of Saratoga and Skidmore College. I ended up in downtown Saratoga Springs. Ok, no problem.

So, I head up route 50, and take a left onto route 9 to get to the office. (if I had originally taken a LEFT out of my driveway, this is where I would have ended up).

Traffic is stop & go, and I’m 2+ miles from the office. No fire trucks, no ambulances, lights flashing – just police cars and people in the road re-directing traffic.

I had to talk to the traffic man – my office is BEFORE the school, not after. Please let me through. He did. Thankfully.

There was a fire. Someone’s house burned. I feel so much for the family. Fire is devastating!

My point to this blog entry is this: ALWAYS, always I need to listen to my intuition. If I had, I wouldn’t have detoured around Saratoga, and would have saved 15+ minutes of drive time. Lesson learned.

Peace & Blessings!

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