Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fitness Fanatic

The past 90 days of my life have been filled with exercise, nutrition, research, and a huge attitude shift.

My focus has been all about training.
Weights, running, food timing, nutrient profiles... the list goes on.

I have completed the workout program, Chalean Extreme.

My results speak for themselves....

Body Measurements:
17.5 lbs lost (25 lbs overall)
15.5" lost (6" off my waist! HO RA!)

Fit Test:
Day 1 Squats: 40
Day 90 Squats: 100

There were more exercises, all of which I doubled my reps, but the squats I am most proud of.

I am planning on starting P90X next.

I must admit, I'm intimidated by the schedule with this program. Also, with my running training - I may have to adapt the schedule to work. I'm not sure I can follow P90X to the letter, AND train for running. (I do have a day job, and Passion Parties!)

This year's 5K training rounds out with a Father's Day 5K.
I realize I "should" be jumping up and down at my progress - Just looking at my normal training workouts, I have shaved 3 minutes per mile off my time. That's HUGE!

But, I am SO FOCUSED on my time this year.
Last year's Father's Day 5K was about staying in the jogging cadence the entire time. No walking. I wasn't focused on time. And I did it - I never walked.

This year, I really need to shave an additional minute per mile to make my time goal for this Father's Day. I am positive though. With my continued weight loss, and hard training - and positive attitude - it is possible.

And just to round things out, I have decided to do the Warrior Dash to celebrate my 30th birthday in September.

Who am I? When did this happen?

Peace & Blessings!

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