Tuesday, August 19, 2008

***Birthday Self Promotion***

It's officially birthday season for me! YIPPIE!!! Less than 3 weeks away:

September 8th!!! (Mark your calendars - it's a HOLIDAY!)

I LOVE birthdays!

Now for my yearly ***shameless self promotion***:

As long as this post is at the VERY TOP of this blog,
look to your RIGHT

Under the PURPLE box, scroll down just a little, and you will see

"My Wishlist - By Priority" complete with working links.

This is for the people in my life that are gift givers, it makes things easier.

I actually wish I had lists like this for my friends and family. There's just no question as to what to get someone for those special occasions.

So, if you were wondering; I've made it REEEEEEEEEEALLY easy!

***End shameless self promotion***

Peace & Blessings!

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