Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Warrior Dash, Half Marathon, Hip Hop Hustle, and Turbo Kick.. oh, and I’m 30

This summer, this year actually, has been full of pivotal changes for me.

To touch on a few reasons why:

I participated in Warrior Dash, survived injury free, have the shirt to prove it:

My Half Marathon is this coming Sunday – I’m excited & nervous. I've been training for months, I know I'm ready, but I also know that once I hit 8 miles of running it starts to suck. I'm hoping that the adrenaline of race day, friends, and random people cheering me on will keep me going. That, and shot blocks!

I’ve signed up for Hip Hop Hustle & Tubo Kick Instructor Training this coming January:

I'm looking into Zumba Instructor Training as well, but can't decide if I should wait until after Turbo & Hip Hop, or do it all at the same time? This is my current ongoing debate with myself.

I turned 30 in September, and it was everything I thought it could be. I am blissfully happy to say goodbye to my twenties and enter into my thirties with anticipation, new life goals, and a better attitude!

This month I will officially be 2 years into being a Passion Parties Independent Consultant, and I’ve done 100+ parties. I'm excited for another year in such a FUN business!

Life is busy, but a good busy. I haven't stamped a thing in MONTHS, and I miss it. But, I do need my sleep, and physical training takes up a lot of my time right now.

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Peace & Blessings!

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