Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Haven’t been stamping lately…. Not that you could tell by my silence on this blog with stamping posts.

This will all change, soon!

My stamping studio / art studio is a bit of a disaster. I find I can clean & organize it, only to find that after 1 session of making a few cards – it’s trashed again. Almost like when I go into my creative mind, my organizational mind goes completely dormant. Putting anything away just zaps my creative mojo. So, when I’m done with a tool, I set it aside. And then the paper, I set it aside. Oh, and embellishments – set those aside as well.

And what happens is my clear work space suddenly becomes a pile of tools, paper, and embellishments. ACK!

I have been meaning to empty my studio closet out, go through supplies, and clean out for a while. I’ve also got a vision in my head of ripping out the shelf that is there now, and installing custom shelving to serve my needs. Finally, a vision of an art studio where everything has a station and a place, so when it comes time to clean up, I know where everything goes instantly, and I could clean up in 10 minutes or less.

Frankly though, that kind of organizational skill isn’t a strong point in my being.

However, it IS for my best friend, Michele! She’s AMAZING at looking at a space, learning about what the needs are for a space, and setting it up to be functional and BEAUTIFUL at the same time.


She is coming for a visit this summer.


She has asked if she can help me with this project!

I have no words for the level of relief, excitement, and anticipation I have for the two of us digging into that studio and creating an organized, functional, beautiful space.

Thrill Chills Abound!

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michele said...

I am excited too!!! I can't wait!!
I want to make the space totally creative friendly for you!!! We will take before and after pictures too?!?
:o) M~