Monday, April 6, 2009

Where have I been?

Busy…. of course I brought it all upon myself – but I will say this is the busiest I’ve been in a long, looooooooooong time!

(I haven’t made a card in over a month!)

What have I been up to?

Working – a lot.

             Between having a full time day job & working my Passion Parties business – I work. Granted Passion Parties is one HILAIROUS ride of my life, and I’m loving it – it’s still long hours. (I’m booking parties for Saturday’s into July, Friday’s into June, and weeknights into May!!!)

Running – sort of. 

                Adam and I have signed up for a 5K training program through our local Fleet Feet store. It’s a 3 month training program, with our 1st 5K race on Father’s Day this year.

I’m really excited about this, but I didn’t realize the time commitment. We have group workouts at the state park 3 x’s a week. I’m so used to working out at home that adding 20+ minutes to each end of the workout for drive time has pressed my patience a bit.

I am feeling really good about what I’m doing though. Pushing myself every workout – and my original goal was to run the entire race in under 30 minutes. Now, I just want to run the entire race, and start looking at times in a couple months. (right now I’m running/walking)

Treadmill walking/running is VERY different on the body than road walking/running. My body is working into road workouts. (THANKFULLY we have a Jacuzzi – which has really helped our soreness factor!)

Tap Class - awesome!

                A new instructor moved to town, and the National Museum of Dance picked her up for tap classes. She’s currently doing a 10 week series – and the Advanced class is GREAT! She really works on giving me advanced things, and I feel pushed every lesson. I’m THRILLED she’s here to stay!

iPhone - what did I ever do without one?

                For my Passion Parties business, I purchased an iPhone. I now think of my life in 2 ways: before the iPhone and after the iPhone!

Before the iPhone, I rarely had my cell turned on. I usually only dialed out, and I even checked it's messages from my home phone.

After the iPhone, it's usually within arms reach at ALL hours of the day - and it's always turned ON. I'm on it ALL THE TIME - the ability to check e-mail, facebook, twitter, texting, yadda yadda yadda is AWESOME. I'm addicted to finding new and fun (FREE) apps! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT....

Oh, and BEFORE the iPhone - I wasn't a texter - at all. Didn't like it. Now - I'm a texting crazy person!

House - sigh....

                Lately I’ve been looking around and just wanting to purge and clean out EVERYTHING! I’ve been a bit frustrated because with work, Passion Parties, 5K training, tap class…. when do I have time to really clean out?

We have made the list of things we wish to accomplish with the house this summer. It’s ambitious – especially with my schedule.


New Jacuzzi cover – and we know what we will be getting:

Water pump

Garage Lighting

Landscaping plants - hopefully some friends will help with this as I truly detest landscaping duty!

I need a new computer for my business..... MAC baby!


Overhaul Adam's Man Cave - better organization, etc

Overhaul my stamping room closet (under utilized! I think I can fit more art supplies in there ... instead of having them peppered around the house - and no this doesn't mean purchasing MORE supplies - this means having better organization of my CURRENT supplies)

Entirley redo the office. It's currently lime green with lady bugs (little kids room from when we purchased the house). I want paint, new floor, and furniture to make it into a functional office vs the storage space it's acting as now!

Cabinets in the laundry room for added storage

Solar pool heater

Now that you know what's going on in my life - what about you?

Peace & Blessings & HAPPY SPRING

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