Monday, January 5, 2009

Laugh WITH me!

Before you read this entire post - remember - LAUGH WITH ME!

Every year, around September / October I make all of my Christmas Thank You cards - so I will be ready - and not have to think about it in the middle of December craziness.

This year, I didn't do that.

So, about all of December and into the beginning of January - I've had this self talk going on in my head: "Why didn't I make Thank You cards early this year? When am I going to have the time to do this? I can't believe I didn't do it early! ARGH!"

This weekend, I finished up Thank You cards - wrote them out, addressed, stamped, sealed.... etc.

I made 2 extras - as I haven't done gift exchange with 2 people yet. So, AFTER I finished my cards & was cleaning up, I pulled my card box down off the shelf to store my 2 extras.

Drum roll please......... (remember laugh WITH me)

There, in my card box.......
25 Christmas Thank You cards......
beautiful, complete, READY TO GO Thank You cards..........

And it hit me - I got together with girlfriends back in AUGUST - and that's when I made them - because I knew I'd want to be ready!

I think because I did it in August - I totally forgot! That's much earlier than usual!

So, now I have 25 beautiful, complete, READY TO GO Christmas Thank You cards for 2009!!!!

Laugh WITH me......

Peace & Blessings!


Travel Writer said...

loved browsing your blog

munchkin said...

That is AWESOME! Definatly laugh worthy.