Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playing with Brayering

Over the weekend I made the time to really PLAY & EXPERIMENT with brayering techniques, INSPIRED by Michelle Zindorf.

This card, I love... even though I want to tweak it.

#1: Getting the brayer to behave appropriately, while dealing with the paper used for the reverse masking technique..... that was a serious challenge.

#2: I would like to stamp the elephants higher, so more of the silhouette will show against the sunset sky.

#3: I may TRY to rip the reverse mask paper in the shape of Africa... that would be reeeeeeeeally cool! I have a feeling that is easier said than done.

#4: I've been playing with simplicity. I am so good at layering, and layering paper... adding multiple embellishments.... and all that jazz.... that I want to really make ART. For me, that means playing with lots of color, and NO PAPER LAYERING!

#5: Confession: When I learned how to do this brayering technique, I thought to myself: "Could I brayer a wall in my house?" And I was thinking specifically the style of reverse masking I did on this card. I was thinking, in my bathroom, a sunset ocean scene.
A. Brayers don't come in HUGE sizes
B. The stamps don't come in HUGE sizes
So, that would me a tiny scene on my wall... and at that point, I might as well brayer on paper and frame it.

There you have it! An experiment in brayering, that although I need to tweak a few things, I really love the effect.

And...... my #1 fan loved it - Adam!

Peace &Blessing!

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