Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tears of Joy!

I have found a new home!

Please allow me to back up a little:

I started dancing at age 10. I fell in love with dancing, and dance was my LIFE until I graduated high school. I danced after high school, but gone were the days of 5 nights a week.

When we moved to New York in 2002; I “auditioned” dance studios. Mostly, kids only in the classes, and they were focused on recital. I became discouraged, fast.

Fast forward to about the past six months where I have NEEDED to dance. Literally, I felt an ache in my body because I wasn’t dancing.

Last night, I checked out The School of the Arts at the National Museum of Dance. I knew other “studios” rented space from the Dance Museum’s dance studios, but I didn’t think the Dance Museum had a teaching studio. (The physical studio space is BREATHTAKING!)

Turns out, School of the Arts is about 2 years old (who knew!). The best part: They WELCOME adults with open arms. In fact, last night, it was mostly adults in the classes. I have found a studio that has Zumba, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop where I can dance as an adult “that used to dance”. This school focuses on technique vs. “preparing for performance”. From the studio of my childhood, I learned that nothing can replace solid technique. Jazz class was just that; JAZZ CLASS – not hip hop! I love old school jazz! It’s really like coming home for me.

On my drive home from class, I was tearing up because: I am home! I have found a studio that fits my needs PERFECTLY! Complete tears of joy!

Also, on the drive home I was thinking: HOLY MOLEY I am so out of shape! In my head, I’m still that 16 year old that could dance 5 nights a week for multiple hours a night, run a couple miles in the mornings before school and weight train. Sooooooo….. last night my body was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!!”. I haven’t danced AT ALL in 5 years… and last night I did an hour Zumba class and an hour of jazz.... I need to ease into this!

Finally, my birthday is coming (I’m a BIG birthday person). A week ago I decided this year I wanted Amazon.com gift certificates. Now, I’m thinking I want class cards for the School of the Arts OR Amazon.com gift certificates. (oh, ya, I forgot; this studio allows me to drop in and pay per class or buy a class card where the classes are slightly cheaper per class – and the best part, the classes are used as I show up for class – instead of paying for a semester, and if I miss a class or two, I don’t get a refund. This studio is PERFECT! I am soooooooooooo HAPPY!)

Thanks for reading…. I have come home!

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The Galvin Family said...

YEA FOR YOU! :) Seriously, I think it is AWESOME that you found your new dance "home" and are dancing again...I can't picture you NOT dancing. I am soooo happy for you! When is your birthday?